Den Danske Forening: Who are we?

Den Danske Forening is a cross-party movement. It was founded in 1987 when the tidal wave of mass-immigration from the third world reached alarming proportions. Its founding members were a group of people with a university background and men and women actively engaged in the resistance movement during second world war. They declared that they were opposed to a new occupation of Denmark, whether this occupation was effected by force of arms or by massive collective immigration.

Since then Den Danske Forening has been progressively rejuvenated by an intake of younger members at all levels. They represent a cross-section of the political spectrum.

The basic principle of Den Danske Forening is very simple: mass immigration is not a viable solution to the problems of the third world. Because of its soaring population rate family planning is the only answer. Den Danske Forening insists that the independence rights of the aboriginal peoples be respected. The Danes are the aboriginal people of Denmark.

Den Danske Forening wishes to safeguard the diversity of the world's cultures, which must be allowed to evolve on their own terms. To reduce an aboriginal people to a minority in their own country is cultural genocide.

Den Danske Forening's objectives are clearly stated in the opening clause of its statute, which runs as follows:

It is the Society's declared aim:

  • to safeguard Danish culture, language and traditional lifestyle in a world increasingly threatened by chaos, overpopulation, violence and fanaticism.
  • to warn against the dissolution of our cultural identity which is now under threat of being swamped by an enormous influx of immigrants from countries plagued by overpopulation.
  • to prevent the disintegration of Denmark as the homeland of the Danish people.

These aims are to be achieved by holding information meetings, the publication of magazines and pamphlets and by otherwise influencing political decision-making within the framework of popular democracy and independantly of political or economic interests.

Local groups will further Den Danske Forening's aims in accordance with the guide-lines set down by the Den Danske Forening's board.

Den Danske Forening categorically excludes any possibility of co-operation with anti-democratic elements. People holding such extremist views cannot be members of Den Danske Forening.

Den Danske Forening will be pleased to co-operate with like-minded citizens of other countries.

Our address is:

Den Danske Forening
Skomagergade 25,
DK-4000 Roskilde
Tel: +45 86 13 24 01
Fax: +45 70 25 24 01