Hvorfor moskeer i Danmark?

Forfatter: Ole Gerstrøm

Hvad der siges i de britiske moskeer



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Saudisk indflydelse dokumenteres.

Det er stærke sager:

 - Vantro er patologiske løgnere
 - Jøder og kristne er islams fjender
 - Menneskeskabte love skal afskaffes
 - Ingen elsker en vantro, vi hader de vantro
 - Hvis man ikke beder, er man vantro
 - Børn fra 10 års alderen, der ikke beder, skal slåes
 - Piger fra 10 års alderen, der ikke bærer slør, skal slåes
 - Frafaldne fra islam skal dræbes
 - Homoseksuelle skal dræbes
 - Jøder skal dræbes
 - Henrettelse kan ske ved korsfæstelse
 - Tiden er på vej mod skiftet. Islam vil blive stærk
 - Islam vil dominere politisk

Saudisk imam, på videolink:

  - De der ikke beder, skal i fængsel
  - ALLE kvinder skal tildækkes fra top til tå
  - Der kommer en muslimsk magtovertagelse
  - Vi kan ikke acceptere at blive regeret af vantro
  - Vi skal regere dem

 MVH, Ole Gerstrøm

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Revealed: preachers' messages of hate

Muslim worshippers are being urged by radical clerics to ignore British law

Jamie Doward
Sunday January 7, 2007
The Observer

An undercover investigation has revealed disturbing evidence of Islamic
extremism at a number of Britain's leading mosques and Muslim institutions,
including an organisation praised by the Prime Minister.
Secret video footage reveals Muslim preachers exhorting followers to prepare
for jihad, to hit girls for not wearing the hijab, and to create a 'state
within a state'. Many of the preachers are linked to the Wahhabi strain of
Islam practised in Saudi Arabia, which funds a number of Britain's leading
Islamic institutions.

A forthcoming Channel 4 Dispatches programme paints an alarming picture of
how preachers in some of Britain's most moderate mosques are urging
followers to reject British laws in favour of those of Islam. Leaders of the
mosques have expressed concern at the preachers' activities, saying they
were unaware such views were being disseminated.
At the Sparkbrook mosque, run by UK Islamic Mission (UKIM), an organisation
that maintains 45 mosques in Britain and which Tony Blair has said 'is
extremely valued by the government for its multi-faith and multicultural
activities', a preacher is captured on film praising the Taliban. In
response to the news that a British Muslim solider was killed fighting the
Taliban, the speaker declares: 'The hero of Islam is the one who separated
his head from his shoulders.'

Another speaker says Muslims cannot accept the rule of non-Muslims. 'You
cannot accept the rule of the kaffir [non-Muslim],' a preacher, Dr Ijaz
Mian, tells a meeting held within the mosque. 'We have to rule ourselves and
we have to rule the others.'

The 12-month investigation also recorded a deputy headmaster of an Islamic
high school in Birmingham telling a conference at the Sparkbrook mosque that
he disagrees with using the word democracy. 'They should call it ...
kuffrocracy, that's their plan. It's the hidden cancerous aim of these
people.' The Darul Uloom school said it no longer employed the teacher and
that one of the reasons he resigned 'was the incompatibility of many of his
opinions with the policies of the school'.

When contacted by The Observer, UKIM said: 'We are a nationwide organisation
and hold different programmes in our mosques. We are very concerned about
this. We have instructed all our branches not to allow any more speakers
with radical or fundamentalist views. This has occurred as a result of an
internal problem. We hired out Sparkbrook community hall, and some of the
organisations that hired it allowed some speakers with views that are not
our own. As a result, no more external groups will be allowed to hire the
community hall at Sparkbrook.'

Elsewhere the documentary records the huge popularity of DVDs and internet
broadcasts produced by extremist preachers. At the Islamic bookstore at
Regent's Park Mosque in central London, DVDs of a preacher called Sheikh
Yasin are sold. In one DVD, Yasin, who is promoted on the mosque's website,
accuses missionaries from the World Health Organisation and Christian groups
of putting the 'Aids virus' in the medicine of African people, 'which is a

Another DVD on sale features Sheikh Feiz, a Saudi-trained preacher. Feiz
says: 'Kaffir is the worst word that can ever be written, a sign of
infidelity, disbelief, filth, a sign of dirt.'

In a statement the company that runs the bookstore said: 'We sell and supply
a wide range of material and we do not necessarily agree with it. It is
totally unfair to blame [us] for any of the views expressed in these

Elsewhere, another preacher at a mosque in the East Midlands is caught on
film, praying: 'God help us in our fight against the kaffir, in every field,
in every department of life. We beg you to help us fight against the enemies
of our religion.'

Inside the Green Lane mosque in Birmingham, a preacher is recorded saying:
'Allah has created the woman deficient.' A satellite broadcast from the
Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, beamed into the
Green Lane mosque suggests that Muslim children should be hit if they don't
pray: 'When he is seven, tell him to go and pray, and start hitting them
when they are 10.' Another preacher is heard saying that if a girl 'doesn't
wear hijab, we hit her'.

Another preacher says: 'The time is fast approaching where the tables are
going to turn and the Muslims are going to be in the position of being
uppermost in strength and, when that happens, people won't get killed -

In a statement to Channel 4, Lord Ahmed, the convener of the government's
Preventing Extremism taskforce, said he was worried about the programme's
consequences: 'While I appreciate that exaggerated opinions make good TV,
they do not make for good community relations.'

A spokesman for Green Lane mosque said Islam does not denigrate women and
that the instruction to hit a child was merely a smack. He accused C4 of
intensifying the 'witch-hunt' against Muslims.

'Undercover Mosques', Dispatches, goes out at 8pm on Monday, 15 January


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