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Forfatter: Red.

Putin indviede 30. oktober 2017 et mindesmærke for sovjetstatens ofre med ordene: Aldrig igen!


Hans tale:

“The terrible, fearful and dreadful Past cannot be justified with any so called superior blessings, common weal and welfare. No one had, has and will have the right to do this even in favour of the nation. Now I declare “The Wall of Grief Memorial” opened. Our common Past of the Russian nation cannot and may not be struck out off the people`s national memory. This Memorial is devoted, first of all, to the victims of the political oppression, took place in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics within the known historical period. But it is dedicated not only for them but also to their wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, who were suffering while waiting for their coming back and being not able to help and even to see them. The major of them did not have a chance to look at each other again.

When we speak about the repressions, about the death and sufferings of millions of our people - our co-citizens and when we want to understand it, to realize how monstrous and painful the mortification of their not only bodies, but their souls, dignities and honours was, we should go to the Butov firing ground, which is in the southern outskirts of Moscow and only twenty kilometres far from the centre of the city, and visit the common graves there and also other numerous communal graves of the victims of the repressions. There is a great number of such graves all over Russia and all over the former territory of the Soviet Union. When one visits and sees them, it will be quite enough for him, for her, for us, for them, for everybody to understand that this crime will never be forgiven and justified. Never!

We must clearly understand, that the consequences of the repressions can be felt and observed even now. It is so, because the whole families, the whole nations, the whole ethnic groups and little nationalities were repressed or became the subjects to the repressions. It is so, because the whole estates, such as: the nobility, the gentry, the clergy, the merchants, the petty bourgeoisie and even the peasantry were completely or semi-completely murdered. It was a real bloody manslaughter, genocide. Beside this, the repressions did not spare the representatives of the different social groups of the multinational soviet society, such as: workers, peasants, engineers, scientists, the military men – the High Command and General Headquarters of the Red Army, generals, officers, soldiers, navy officers and sailors, as well as priests, ministers, state public officers, actors, artists, writers, poets, common citizens. The repressions didn`t spare anybody and anything: either talent or merit, desert, great services, done to the victims` Motherland. The repressions didn`t spare even their sincere devotion to the Motherland. The far-fetched, forced and absolutely absurd, inept, preposterous accusations could be brought against everyone. Millions were declared to be the “enemies of the people”, were shot or crippled, passed through the torments and tortures of prisons, concentration camps, were exiled. It was a crushing and cruel blow, which struck brutally the state, the nation, the roots, culture and the self-consciousness of the inhabitants.

The Great People`s Memory as it is, clearness and synonymous attitude towards all these crimes and sufferings, the unanimous position of the people in their relation to those gloomy events will and must become the powerful warning against their reiteration.

Look, we can see Mrs. Natalija Solzhenitsina among us now, she has also come here. As you know, she is a widow of the world – famous Russian writer – Alexander Isaijevitch Solzhenitsin – one of the victims. I want to recite her words of real wisdom: “Everyone, who passed through those horrible and hazardous times and who managed to keep his or her nobility, must be knowing, remembering and condemning it for ages and only then, if it is really possible, he or she can personally, individally forgive.” I should like all of you to understand, that, nevertheless and in spite of all, we must not call for squaring of accounts with anybody. We must not push the society slightly to the edge of stability. We must not let one group of citizens oppose the other one or the others. We must not stimulate approaching the perilous confrontation inside the population of the country.

I fully agree that monuments are in a great demand in order to heal a human being morally. Coming here and remembering that dreadful events and tragic epoch of our home history, people should not feel despondency and despair. They should think about their descendants and about what country and what history they will leave and reserve as an inheritance. The crippled fates of the victims appeal to us for this.

Some of our citizens think, that it is not patriotic to stir the bloody past. I am absolutely persuaded that it is a mistaken point of view. Our new generation knows little about that time. I think that, on the contrary, it is not patriotic to block their admission to this information. Motherland and Truth are the equivalent definitions. It is impossible to love Motherland and to ignore Truth. In order to be useful for the Motherland everyone must realize what The Good is and what The Evil is, what the difference between The Truth and The Lie is, what The Wild Fanaticism is and The Humanness is. The sovereign rights of a human being to live, to be protected, to be in safety, to be free and to have his or her private happiness are not less important than the sovereignty and independence of any state. It is really remarkable, that our contemporary Russian Constitution of 1993 begins with the regulation, fixed, that the rights and freedoms of a human being is the most precious legal value, provided and protected by the State, its legislation and judicature. Once upon a time a poet said, that “all the progresses are reactionary if a human being is pulled down.” I completely agree with him, because only a free person can really be a genuine patriot!

Taking into consideration the above said I should like to say, that, first of all, the contemporary and the future generations of our citizens have to know all about that frightful historical drama. Unwillingness and reluctance to get to know this - is an intellectual cowardice, a grave moral sin. At the same time it is a great threat and a magnificent jeopardy. It is so because the concealment the truth is an ensured way to the relapse of the tragedy. We should also remember what happened to the country in the twentieth century and remember the victims of the grand state terror, put on a mass scale basis, because it is the best way to get rid of illusions, that all the complicated problems both of the state and of the society can be settled quickly, abruptly and drastically – like they said at those times – with the help of a dashing cavalry attack. On this platform we will have a nice opportunity to accuse the bloody Past legally and to avoid its revival. To accuse clearly, resolutely and irreversibly! To accuse the deed of those, who untwisted the “red wheel” of the mass terror. It is well known, that in this bloody carnival the executioners very often followed their victims – that was how that system functioned. They followed them and disappeared as their victims, but later. Nevertheless the executioners must never be justified, even in spite of the said.

The most difficult thing is that, despite of the said, each of us has a right to forgive them individually, personally. Yes, each of us may do it. It is very hard to forgive the participants of that frightful historical drama. Concerning this I must express my personal point of view. I mean, that maybe it would be more rational to forgive not their awful deeds but their tragic mistakes, their self-deception, their utopian illusions and fantasy, which led them and brought them to their awful actions. We should also consider, that some of the executioners were forced to effect such deeds. But still there is no any justification!

On the other hand, in order to build a renewed Russia nowadays we should try to banish hatred and intolerance from our own souls. I mean hatred and intolerance towards anything, which is different, which is opposite us, which contradicts, which is not like we are, which is not understandable for us, which is not ours.

And at last the most important and the most essential, I want to tell you. We ought to get rid of a sweet but poisonous illusion, that all of us have our own common unique rightness and infallibility. We cannot change the Past. We cannot imagine ourselves, that we did not have it at all. We cannot lie to ourselves. But we can try to restrain and suppress the viruses of bitterness and of hatred inside ourselves, remembering the Past. Having done this, we might block the way of the bloody horrors of the Past to the Present and to the Future. 

The memory of the frightful tragedy, which took place on our land in the twentieth century must become the part of our historical memory. We, the heirs of the victims of the mass repressions, are thankful for those, who have contributed much into the creation, construction and erection of this memorial monument. This memorial is indeed mighty and impressive. It appeals to our conscience, feelings and compassion. All of us have reached the goal – millions of the victims are thankful. It is remarkable, that we open this memorial in the year of the one hundredth anniversary of the revolution of 1917. I hope, that this step and this date will be considered by our people as a summing up and drawing the line under the dramatic events, which split our state and nation, I hope, that it will become a symbol of overcoming this split. Now it is very important for all of us to be guided by the values of faith, confidence and stability. Only doing this way, we will be able to solve all the problems in the society, in the country, in the state, in Russia, which is the only one for us.


Please, look at the Wall of Grief. We must say – NEVER AGAIN.”     




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