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Medlem af kongressen Steven Rothman om situationen i Egypten

Statement of Congressman Steve Rothman at the International Christian Union Demonstration at the United Nations

April 24, 2006

Dear Friends,

Today, we come together to protest the ongoing persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt. On Good Friday, one innocent Egyptian man was brutally killed while worshipping in a Coptic church in Alexandria. Although the Egyptian government has downplayed the religious implications of this murder, this incident is only one in a pattern of recent violent attacks against Coptic Christians. It is clear that the Egyptian government has not provided effective security for members of the Coptic community and, moreover, it is devastating that one man had to lose his life in order to bring this fact to the attention of the international community.

Since long before I was elected to Congress in 1997, I have been an advocate of religious freedom because I believe that every human being should have the right to observe whatever religion or no religion as they see fit. But for many years now, President Mubarak has not provided an environment of religious freedom in Egypt.

I condemn the recent bloodshed and call on President Mubarak to take action to stop further violence against Coptic Christians and begin an investigation into this attack. I pledge to continue to fight to ensure that all people in Egypt are able to practice their faith without fear and are treated with equality.

Thank you my friends!


Member of Congress




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