The Western World has been caught with its pants down

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(Vi har mange udenlandske læsere i disse dage)


The Western World has been caught with its pants down.

It is obvious now that the cartoon crisis has nothing to do with cartoons at all. The cartoons were published months ago - the crisis exploded after what has been revealed as an intentional disinformation campaign. This campaign has nothing to do with cartoons or hurt religious feelings since this is not the fist time Muhammad has been depicted in cartoons.

The aim of the campaign is to pull Western countries by the nose. The means to do this is to inflict severe casualties upon a small country so as to scare other countries to become more "flexible" towards the never ending demands from the Muslim World and thereby to extend the possibilities for even more inadaptable Muslims to settle in Western Europe.

If this operation proves successful, within a few years the Muslims will get their hands on the French and British nuclear arms.

It is therefore pathetic to see a former Danish Foreign Minister, Uffe Ellemann-Jensen as ague that the whole problem could be solved if the editor of JyllandsPosten, Karsten Juste, would just resign. Ellemann-Jensen is well known in Denmark not only for his firm resistance to the Soviet Union during the Cold War but also for a complete lack of understanding of the nature of the ongoing Muslim invasion and its consequences. Due to his influence in this field during his time in office, he has a direct and personal responsibility for the present situation.

The problem is that the concept of defense in the Western World is based upon the idea that a threat to us is a traditional military attack. After 11 September this concept and the NATO "musketeer oath" was extended so as to include terrorism as well. However, now were are facing quite a different threat: the danger that the madmen of the Middle East will make us hostages one by one and in this way impose upon us their own solutions.

The obvious response to this technique is not appeasement.

To limit freedom of speech will just be further gas on the bonfire. The proper answer is a firm will to resist blackmail.

The tool is therefore to launch endless cartoons in the Western press and for our Governments to make the bandits understand that if they put an official or unofficial embargo upon one of us, none of us has really anything to sell – and to extend this message to anybody else who dared exploit the situation and fill the gap.

After all, Western industry and know-how is still second to none. Furthermore, the Middle Eastern Countries are not even able to feed themselves neither with food nor with industrial products. Due to the religious insanity prevailing in these countries, this situation will not change within a foreseeable future.

The key to a solution is therefore to make them understand this fact and impose our agenda upon them and not the other way around.

The Danes therefore are still waiting for a effective support of this kind from their allies.

But even if we don’t get it, we have no intention whatsoever of giving up our freedom of speech.




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