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As you are probably aware, I have been tied up in the British legal system now for what feels like forever. The British state made sure I was tied up so much (in the legal sense) that I could do very little else.....

Or so they thought!!!

Actually, behind the scenes, a LOT has been going on.

Yes it been frustrating, infuriating, stressful and at times demoralising, but I have never given up, I have been getting things done. I'm sure that you will soon find out what it is that I have been working on. Despite my recent 'loss' in court over the altercation between a Syrian refugee and another boy at Almondbury Community School, I am still working, I haven't given up, I haven't capitulated, I haven't wavered.

The Judge in the Jamal Hijazi case placed an injunction on me, to prevent me from revealing to you, my supporters, the British public and the wider world what went on in Almondbury Community School. There is so much to this story, the undercover footage I have would blow your mind. However, the Judge in this case ruled that I cannot publish anything negative about Jamal Hijazi, not even the testimonies of teachers and school staff and other pupils at the school.

But the thing is, ALL the footage I had was sent to Alex Jones at InfoWars way BEFORE the ink of the injunction was dry. I spoke to Alex on his show asking him to not air the promo to the documentary SIL£NC£D for legal reasons, because I didn't want to land myself in more legal trouble after a gruelling battle, one where I had to represent myself in court (I had no money left for legal fees and had to declare bankruptcy). Alex has the footage and indicated to me that he would go ahead and publish it anyway, so its not like I even have a say on whether the documentary SIL£NC£D is published or not.

Yet here I am still fighting, expecting the worse.

I have another court battle, and I need your help.

I am in court again today, I probably wont win, I am facing a Judge without a jury of my peers (I have NEVER EVER been judged by my peers) about a certain journalist who obsesses over me, a journalist who has lied about me, putting me and my family in grave danger. This 'journalist' believes I am responsible for what other people post online, yet she doesn't apply the same expectations to herself???

She's not responsible for what other people post online but I am???

Go figure!!!

After the Jamal case I was knackered, I didn't have the energy or the time to represent myself again, so I called in a favour with a legal firm who defended me brilliantly in the past. They are representing me in this case - the case about 'the journalist who cannot be named'. As with any legal representation, they cost money and I need your help!!!

PLEASE CLICK HERE to make a donation for my legal fighting fund.

If you want to watch a video explaining the situation then CLICK HERE

Costs for the case can be found below, any excess funds will go towards my kids.

I just want to say THANK YOU to every single one of you who have stood by me, supported me, and kept your faith in me, it means so much.



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