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HORROR: Peaceful Tommy Robinson campaign event attacked by 100+ Muslim rioters

Dear Ole,

I’m a student journalist with The Rebel. Ezra Levant has sent me to Manchester to report on Tommy Robinson’s political campaign every day until the election.

Yesterday I was in Oldham reporting on Tommy’s campaign event, when a mob of more than 100 Muslim extremists, some of them chanting “Allah Akbar” and some of them wearing masks on their faces, attacked us, throwing bricks and stones and bottles.

It was a full-scale riot. See for yourself:


What’s so shocking is that police actually escorted this mob of rioters directly towards Tommy’s campaign event. They literally guided the rioters to us — a family-friendly event that included men, women and even young children.

What is completely un-shocking is that the mainstream media reported on the riot using neutral, passive phrases like “violence erupted” or “fights broke out”. And some reports even implied that the violence came from Tommy and his voters.

That’s why I’m here in Manchester for the next week — to tell you what really happened. Because you just can’t trust the mainstream media.

You can see this riot video, and all of my other videos from Tommy's campaign trail, at www.TommyReports.com <https://www.therebel.media/tommy-robinson-reports-jessica-swietoniowski>. I post at least one a day, sometimes several. Please click here to see them, and share them with your friends — otherwise they won’t know what’s really happening.

One last thing: as you know, we are crowdfunding my reporting — my cheap airplane ticket from Canada, my low-cost AirBNB. But Ezra insisted that we also crowdfund a professional bodyguard to escort me on the campaign, and I’m so glad, because he really did protect me yesterday when the rioters came.

No reporters from the BBC or The Guardian need to hire a security detail — because Muslim rioters and leftists throwing milkshakes never attack them. But we are attacked, and the police too often just stand by and do nothing.

The cost of a full-time bodyguard is actually more than my flight and accommodations. But it’s absolutely essential. If you can, please consider chipping in a bit to help cover that cost — as you know, we are 100% viewer-supported.

Thanks for your help — now I’ve got to run and cover Tommy’s next campaign event!

Yours gratefully,

Jessica Swietonioswki

Rebel Reporter

P.S. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my videos and to the so many friendly people who have welcomed me to Britain. I know that, despite these political troubles, you are a wonderful country and I’m doing my best to do fair and accurate reporting!

P.P.S. All my videos are at www.TommyReports.com <https://www.therebel.media/tommy-robinson-reports-jessica-swietoniowski>, and you can help chip in to my security cost there — thank you!

 <http://www.therebel.media/> <http://www.therebel.media






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