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Now Martin Rosengaard Knudsen, the mole who infiltrated the Danish People’s Party has his own very specific agenda; he is one of the participants of Asylum Home Net, and promotes immigration, exactly the opposite of what the DDP stands for. It is associated with ‘Wooloo.net’, ‘Defending Denmark‘, and it seems almost any minority organization, all of which have in common that they want to make Denmark the sovereign playground of any third world asylum seeker who wishes to do so. One of the most ludicrous organizations I have so far never heard of, is the ‘Danish Puerto rican Society‘, headed by one Solana Larsen

Martin Rosengaard Knudsen and his compatriots also seem to have connections with the infamous ‘Images of the Middle East Festival‘, a recent effort to promote Islamic culture in Denmark, where Israeli artists were exempted from participating, because of pressure from Arab sponsors….




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