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One among many letters....

By Ole Hasselbalch, Professor of Law

My correspondence with one among many concerned people:

Dear Ole Hasselbalch,

We now see how the many warnings we have been given - from you, among others - are being vindicated by events. I live in Ishoej Village (1). During the past weekend the nearby Ishoej Park (2) was hit by  twenty-one cases of arson. The crime-rate is huge and people are feeling very insecure indeed. The police cannot do anything, but on the other hand what are they really nowadays but garbage collectors to the politicians, whom have not been prepared to do what is necessary. We are all fed up with the immigration from the third World, which has resulted in us having to pay for everything, while the aliens can elbow their way in everywhere as they please. My question to you is: What can we, the ordinary citizens, do in order to change things? If the politicians and the authorities cannot do what has to be done, it will very soon end up in vigilantism, or more precisely put; in Civil War. Who can we gather around, who has so much power and influence that he cannot be ignored? We are in dire need for radical change.

Regards I.J.


Dear I.J.

I fully understand your problem.

The situation has completely derailed - but the reason is that no sufficient number of people stood up in due time to protest against the insane policy of immigration which followed the implementation of the 1983 Refugee Act. What did you do back then?

The problem today is that those politicians who dominate the Folketing (3) cannot afford to admit that they themselves and their predecessors - acting utterly careless and flippant - have created a situation which can no longer be controlled by normal policing, and that they have done so while completely neglecting information which was readily at hand (I have personally made sure that all members of The Folketing received it!). That is the reason why those politicians belonging to the old Parties (4) cannot take the steps needed to roll back the situation - primarily by simply returning  those people to their homelands whom are not willing- and can never be expected ever - to adapt to a Danish way of living.

I doubt if enough resources can be provided in order to expand the regular police force to where it can provide an acceptable level of security for the population in the current situation - in the same manner as the level of security we where once used to cannot be provided by ordinary means in places like Lebanon and Iraq. Thus, the task which the police is now facing can -. in my opinion - only be solved by creating volunteer units of deputies, a police homeguard or whatever you wish to call them/it, which can be called upon by the local police force whenever the need arises (analogue to volunteer firemen).

But, as I have already stated, I doubt whether the politicians (except those of The Danish Peoples Party (5) ) can be brought to understand just how far it has come and what has to be done in order to solve the problems at hand. Thus, as things are now, I must conclude that the ordinary citizens are simply left to themselves.

That does not only apply to Ishoej but also very much to my own local municipal; Fredensborg, where Kokkedal (6) lies

Regards, Ole Hasselbalch



1. Ishoej Village is now a suburban area close to Copenhagen

2. Ishoej Park is a large residential are build in the 1970es. It consists of large uniform blocks of flats, which are mainly populated by immigrants of Muslim decent.

3.  Folketinget is the Danish name for our Parliament.

4. The phrase "The old Parties" refer to The Social Democrats, The Liberals, The Social Liberals and The Conservatives, all of which have existed since well before the German occupation 1940-45.

5. The Danish Peoples Party (DF) was est. in 1995. It primarily focuses on the problems relating to immigration and Islam’s presence in Denmark. It has steadily gained support (13,9% by the last general election one year ago), and according to recent poles the support is now up to around 16%. Since 2001, DF has been in support of the governmental coalition between The Liberals and The Conservatives.

6. Kokkedal is a small Town situated north of Copenhagen. There is a residential park in the area which can be compared to the one in Ishoej. The trouble related to it are also of similar nature - young Muslim thugs comitting various acts of crime.